Welcome to our practice in Altona

Dear patients,


We offer you a large, modern gynecological practice with four medical assistants, with around-the-clock service from 8-19h and with the offer of the entire range of diagnosis and treatment of a gynecological Facharztpraxis: pregnancy care, cancer prevention, menopausal symptoms, fertility, contraception and conflict deliberations.


Antenatal Care

We look after you every 14 days, taking into account all modern methods of examination in terms of human genetics, ultrasound diagnostics and laboratory controls with the aim that you experience a carefree and beautiful pregnancy with us.

We attach particular importance to the early diagnosis by means of nuchal translucency measurement (NT – screening in early pregnancy), for which we were certified by the FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation). In addition, we cooperate with highly qualified prenatal centers, to which we introduce every pregnant patient.

We advise you in the search for a very good maternity clinic, an experienced midwife and a suitable birth preparation course for you and your partner. With the birth of your child and the following pregnancy aftercare, our care ends with the desire to have accompanied you caring and reliable through the time of your pregnancy.


Cancer Screening

We attach great importance to regular cancer screening with ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries, gynecological examination, cervical cell swab and examination of the rectum and, if necessary, stool examination. In addition to breast palpation, we urgently recommend regular mammography with integrated mammary ultrasonography in a highly qualified breast diagnostic practice.

We try very hard to detect the onset of a disease so early that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible.

For this reason, we also work with highly qualified oncology practices because we believe that we – and thus the patient’s therapeutic success – are only as good as the doctors we work with.


Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause is a life phase characterized by the gradual decline in hormone production. This change can lead to discomforts such as hot flashes, sleep disorders, decline in performance, depressive moods and significant irritation with the environment.
We advise you in this situation with regard to a supplementary hormone therapy, which is currently being discussed very controversially, or alternatively with regard to a treatment with herbal supplements. For us, only the preservation of your desired quality of life is in the foreground.

For monitoring and prophylaxis of osteoporosis (bone loss) we offer regular bone density measurements.

Other examinations such as Hormone status, tumor marker determinations or an AIDS test are possible on request at any time.



Here is the whole range of small and large problems on the subject of children’s desire addressed and treated. If necessary, we will introduce you to a highly qualified sterility practice.


Contraceptive Methods

There are numerous contraceptive options that should be individually tailored to tolerability, age and current life planning.
Our advice includes all the contraceptive pills and the various copper and hormonal spirals, the Implanon contraceptive stick placed under the skin of the upper arm, and the newer methods of the contraceptive paw and contraceptive sheath rings.
We strive to find the most convenient method of contraception for you.



Together with you, we would like to discuss in detail the many issues and problems that arise in light illnesses and difficult life situations, as well as conflicts in the family and social environment and the major problems in cancer and conflict pregnancies.
We strive to provide you with a high level of attention and care.